Master student at PPGFSC receives award at International Conference

20/07/2020 10:47

PPGFSC-UFSC master student, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti, was awarded the”ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” and will present an oral presentation at the renowned international conference on X-ray diffraction, Denver X-ray Conference, which will take place between 03 and 07 August 2020, virtually this year due to the pandemic.

Marcelo Augusto Malagutti (jul2020);

The work entitled “Challenges on the Microstructural Characterization of Nanocrystalline Alloys Produced by Mechanochemistry” (D-84 da sessão Rietveld)  has been developed at the Physics Department at UFSC under the guidance of Prof Carlos EM Campos in close cooperation with Italian researchers from the ToScaLab group from “Universitá Degli Studi Dell’Insubria (UNINSUBRIA)” and the “Institute of Crystallography of the Italian (CNR)”.  The student has had the opportunity to learn about the Total Scattering method with experimental data from his samples analyzed in several X-ray diffraction laboratories (including LDRX-UFSC,   synchrotron light sources such as LNLS and SLS).  It is worth mentioning that this partnership was formalized through an international agreement between UFSC and the Italian university.

Applications of nanophases produced by mechanochemistry

29/06/2020 14:18

Partnership with researchers from the Chemistry Department at UFSC provides new horizons for the application of nanocrystalline materials produced at LSCnM.

Green and facile solvent-free synthesis of NiTe2 nanocrystalline material applied to voltammetric determination of antioxidant morin

NiS2-NiS nanocrystalline composite synthesized by mechanochemistry and its performance for methylene blue dye adsorption

To.Sca.Lat. – 1.0 (from 10th to 14th December 2018)

14/11/2017 11:46

Dear reader, it is with pleasure that I announce, and invite you to attend, the To.Sca.Lat.-1.0: The Latin America Summer School on Crystallography, Diffraction and Total Scattering Analysis for Advanced Materials and NanoScience, to be held in the Vila Fátima at Florianópolis from 10th to 14th December 2018 (complete schedule at event website.)

REGISTRATIONS OPEN up to November 10th – click hereLimited Positions. Information about R$60,00 Fee will be send by email after your registration be confirmed.

A few more reasons to attend the event:
  • Temporary TOPAS licenses (Windows only) for Hands-on using YOUR OWN COMPUTER during the event. Offer from the Bruker Office in Germany.
  • Registration fee of  R$ 60,00 (approximately 15 dollars);
  • Opportunity to present short Oral communication (of about 10 minutes) and get certified for it;
  • Possibility of obtaining ICDD and AICr grant for lodging of young attends; Interested parts need to seek financing to purchase tickets in advance. Prices of flights for December are usually higher due to the high summer season.
  • Tourism in Florianópolis (guiafloripaofficial site tourism sc);

LSCnM’s Equipment Gallery updated !

25/02/2015 17:56

 Visit the Gallery Equipment available on Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials Laboratory (LSCnM) located in FSC003 room G1 Block UFSC Department of Physics in Florianópolis / SC.


Especially the micro-Raman System and Calorimeter with optical window that let you make  Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Raman spectroscopy experiments simultaneous here at UFSC.


Do not hesitate to write to to ask questions about the viability and / or schedule to use this infrastructure in their research projects. Possibility to provide services to the private sector.

Participação no III-Encontro de de Física e Astronomia da UFSC

15/02/2015 16:01

A programação também conta com minicursos, palestras e seminários. Veja o site oficial

Mini-curso de Determinação de Estruturas por DRXP na UFSC

10/10/2014 18:45

O “1o Mini-curso de Determinação de Estruturas por Difração de Raios X de Pó (SDPD-UFSC2014)“, ministrado pelos prof.s Dr. Norberto Masciocchi (Insubria, Italy) e Dr. Bill David (Oxford, United Kingdom) na sala FSC114 do Departamento de Física da UFSC em Florianópolis, entre 08 e 12 de Dezembro de 2014, foi um sucesso. 

As aulas teóricas, sessões de demonstrações e práticas usando programas de acesso livre (WINPLOTR e QUANTO ) e licenciados (DASH e TOPAS/TOPAS Academic) aconteceram exatamante como previsto. 

CERTIFICADOS DIGITAIS  disponíveis via site da PRPE/UFSC

APOSTILAS da UNIDADE II (Dr. Bill David) DISPONÍVEIS PARA OS PARTICIPANTES LOCAIS no DEPTO. FÍSICA!  Enviarei pelo correio aos participantes de outros estados. 


Agradecimentos especiais:

  • Programa de Pós Graduação em Física da UFSC (Coord. Dr. Luis Rego; Secret. Antonio M. Machado)
  • Prof. Dr. Adailton J. Bortoluzzi (Depto. Química da UFSC) que gentilmente disponibilizou o difratometro de bancada D2Phaser para ser usado em demonstrações e medidas de amostras fornecidas pelos participantes.
  • Bruker do Brasil que ofereceu palestras e demonstrações (TOPAS e D2Phaser) com o M.Sc. Renato Figueira da Silva, Especialista de Aplicação – AXS , além das licenças temporárias do TOPAS. 
  • The Cambridge Crystallography Databe Center – CCDC”  que ofereceu a versão 2015 do sistema/pacote de programas de cristalografia – CSD, com licenças válidas até dia 31 de janeiro de 2015.

 Veja como foi o “SDPD-UFSC2014” (Details)”


1st Workshop on  Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data (SDPD-UFSC2014)

 From 08 to 12 December 2014 the “1st Workshop on  Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data” was taught by prof. Dr. Norberto Masciocchi (Insubria, Italy) and Prof. Dr. Bill David (Oxford, Diamond and ISIS, United Kingdom) at Department of Physics of Federal University of Santa Catarina State (UFSC).

The course was exactly as proposed and offered theoretical classes, demo and practical sessions on the WINPLOTR and QUANTO, as well as, TOPAS and DASH for all the 21 participants from different states of Brazil.


THANK YOU to Dr. Alexander Cuin UFJF and SPEAKERS!

Special thanks:

  • Graduate Program in Physics of UFSC (Coordinator Dr. Luis Rego;. Secret Antonio M. Machado.)
  • Prof. Dr. Adailton J. Bortoluzzi (Department of Chemistry UFSC) who kindly provided the D2Phaser diffractometer for use in demonstrations and measurements of samples provided by the participants.
  • Bruker of Brazil who offered lectures and demonstrations (TOPAS and D2Phaser) with M.Sc. Renato Figueira da Silva, Application Specialist – AXS, and the temporary licenses TOPAS used by participants during the event.
  • The Cambridge Crystallography Databe Center – CCDC” that offered the 2015 version of the system / crystallography software suite – CSD, with valid licenses until 31 January 2015.

e-mail para contato: .

31/01/2014 01:33

Meu e-mail antigo foi desativado definitivamente em 03 fev 2014, e gostaria de pedir-lhes a gentileza de atualizarem meu e-mail nas suas agendas para .

A máquina que gerência o antigo e-mail ficou fora do ar por alguns dias, talvez semanas e, por isso, não recebi muitas mensagens enviadas para

Peço desculpas se isso tenha causado alguma incoveniência por falta de resposta da minha parte.

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