Directory of Research Groups at CNPq: Síntese e Caracterização de nanoMateriais.

Research lines
1.       Nanomaterials production by Mechanochemical Synthesis (ball milling);

  • Transition metal Chalcogenides;
  • Semiconductors III-V, II-VI e III-VI;
  • Semimetals;
  • Molecular Crystals (Pharmaceuticals, Food, etc.);

2.       Structural Properties Characterization;

  • X-ray  powder diffraction
  • Rietveld Method 
  • Total Scattering Method
  • Crystallite size and microstrain
  • Structure Determination/Solution
  • Absorption of X-rays

3. Vibrational properties of characterization (Optical);

  • Raman Spectroscopy

4. Thermal Properties Characterization;

  •  Calorimetry System(DSC) with an optical window

5. Extreme conditions (High Pressure and High Temperature) – Phase Transitions;

  • Diamond anvils for Raman measurements and X-ray Absorption in-situ
  • High Temperature Camera (HTK-16) for XRPD in-situ

6. Morphology, chemistry and structure analysis by electron microscopy;

  • Scan and Transmission Electron Microscopy (SEM and TEM – 100 kV)
  • Electron Diffraction  (TEM – 100 kV)
  • Chemical Analysis (EDX probe)

Physical infrastructure