Impact of Research done in the LSCnM

29/09/2021 15:04

Review article in a high impact factor journal (Chemical Society Reviews) on the use of mechanochemical methods to study their reactivity in the production of organometallic nanoparticles cited 4 scientific articles with research done at LSCnM of the UFSC Department of Physics. PPGFSC students at UFSC were at the forefront of all publications. The review article compiles the recent literature on the use of mechanochemical methods in the production of nanoparticles to organometallics. Also, present an overview of mechanochemical reactivity that complements recent developments in organic synthesis and catalysis

“Mechanochemistry by grinding, grinding, extrusion or other types of mechanical shear and repair has new reactivity for a wide range of reactions not seen in traditional solution-based environments.”

Read the review article on integration by clicking here.