Marcelo wins “ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” for the second time!

15/07/2021 12:50

Master’s student at PPGFSC-UFSC, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti, was awarded for the second consecutive time with the “ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” award and will present work orally at the Denver X-ray Conference, which will take place between August 2nd and 6th 2021, virtually this year due to the pandemic.

Discente do PPGFSC, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti

The work entitled “Structural and Microstructural X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of the β-CoTe Nanophase Synthesized by Mechanochemistry: Anisotropic Size and Microstrain Modeling” (D-21 of the  General XRD session) is a compilation of the 1st article published by the student in co-authorship with Prof Carlos EM Campos (advisor), the newly graduated doctor from PPGFSC-UFSC, Kelli de Fátima Ulbrich, in close cooperation with researchers Julian Geshev and Vagner Zeizer Carvalho Paes, from the Physics Institute of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. The student will present recent results of his studies on the microstructure of nanocrystalline materials produced by him using more sophisticated mathematical models to explain experimental data from their samples analyzed in various X-Ray diffraction laboratories (including the LDRX-UFSC,  (including synchrotron light sources such as LNLS e SLS).

Parabéns Marcelo!