Master student at PPGFSC receives award at International Conference

20/07/2020 10:47

PPGFSC-UFSC master student, Marcelo Augusto Malagutti, was awarded the”ROBERT L. SNYDER STUDENT AWARD” and will present an oral presentation at the renowned international conference on X-ray diffraction, Denver X-ray Conference, which will take place between 03 and 07 August 2020, virtually this year due to the pandemic.

Marcelo Augusto Malagutti (jul2020);

The work entitled “Challenges on the Microstructural Characterization of Nanocrystalline Alloys Produced by Mechanochemistry” (D-84 da sessão Rietveld)  has been developed at the Physics Department at UFSC under the guidance of Prof Carlos EM Campos in close cooperation with Italian researchers from the ToScaLab group from “Universitá Degli Studi Dell’Insubria (UNINSUBRIA)” and the “Institute of Crystallography of the Italian (CNR)”.  The student has had the opportunity to learn about the Total Scattering method with experimental data from his samples analyzed in several X-ray diffraction laboratories (including LDRX-UFSC,   synchrotron light sources such as LNLS and SLS).  It is worth mentioning that this partnership was formalized through an international agreement between UFSC and the Italian university.